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Cooking with hemp

Flour, chocolates, tea, beverages, cannabis seed oil are just some of the cannabis products found in many organic - and not only - stores, as cannabis cooking is constantly gaining ground. Cannabidiol, as it is called, has experienced rapid commercial growth in recent years, as it is used in both nutrition and pharmacology / cosmetology.

The use of cannabis in cooking
The western world has known it in recent years and began to use cannabis in its diet, only in the twentieth century, but for Asia, the use of cannabis in cooking has begun in the 10th century.
Today it is used in various cakes, chocolates, salad dressings, in lollipops, drinks, etc. But apart from the ready-made ones that contain hemp, now one can use it alone in various sweet or savory recipes. The most practical forms of cannabis in cooking are oil and seeds. Although they do not have a special taste, they are mainly used in dressing due to their beneficial properties.
Cannabis in medicine
Cannabis is widely used today in the field of Medicine and Pharmacy. There is strong scientific evidence for its effectiveness in treating diseases such as epilepsy and various neurological diseases, in the treatment of chronic pain, in reducing stress, in treating insomnia and many other cases. Capsules and cosmetics based on oil and hemp seeds are commercially available to help treat these conditions.
The uses of cannabis
Perhaps the most common reason for using cannabidiol is to treat pain and inflammation. From post-traumatic pain, cramps, fractures to arthritis and muscle strain, many people have found relief from their symptoms with cannabidiol. However, cannabis due to its strong anti-inflammatory action, soothes irritated skin and relieves the pain caused by diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. According to the American National Eczema Association, the use of cannabidiol in creams and ointments for topical use has shown spectacular results in reducing irritation, itching, and pain in the affected areas of the skin.
In addition, more and more people are starting to use cannabis products to treat stress. This is because it has the ability to relax the nervous system, but without causing depression or decreased mental clarity, as is the case with other anxiolytic supplements or medications.
Furthermore, studies have shown that due to the anti-inflammatory action and the effect of cannabidiol on the immune system, the topical use of cannabis preparations helps in cases of skin healing.
Finally, as pets can suffer from the same diseases as humans, many pet owners use medical cannabis in pets for a range of ailments such as epilepsy, anxiety disorders, pain, inflammation, arthritis, skin conditions and more.