The Greek kiwi in the Brazilian market

2 December 2022

The way to export kiwifruit to Brazil opens.

The way is opened for the export of kiwifruit to Brazil, after a visit by a group of agronomists from the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Brazil to Agricultural Cooperatives, members of the National Association of Agricultural Cooperatives (ETHEAS) and the Consortium of Cooperatives of Imathia.

The group from Brazil checked all the stages of production of the Greek kiwi, with the aim of signing the relevant phytosanitary protocols and exporting the products to the Brazilian market. “They checked the infrastructure, how the products are packaged and stored. From what we understood, they were happy and now we are waiting to proceed with the drafting and signing of the protocols describe ETHEAS officials.

The Brazilian market is important for Greek kiwi because it is a country whose population exceeds 200 million and with the observed very large increase in kiwi production in our country it will be an important outlet.

As ETHEAS points out in a related announcement: “The preparation of the relevant files and the organization of the entire foreseen procedure was done by the officers of the Central Service of the Directorate of Plant Production Protection of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food in cooperation with the officers of DAOK Imathia. We should mention that these services show remarkable activity and make a significant contribution to the effort to open new markets for our agricultural products.”