Menoikio: the “best Greek cheese” from Drama

30 November 2022

The award for the best Greek cheese was won at the recent World Cheese Awards 2022, by Menoikio goat cheese.

The company based in Prosotsani in Drama is not the first time it has been awarded for its products. Last year the organic feta Menoikio won one of the 16 super gold awards, being – not only the best – but also the only Greek cheese among them.

The establishment unit dates back to 2007, while the Menoikio brand has existed since 2013. In the last four years, the company has been expanding more and more in the export sector, and in this context it was also present at the recent SIAL in Paris, so that the products of Menoikio known in international merkets. Currently, it is active in the export sector in European countries, such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, England, Israel and also in the United Arab Emirates.

It is noting that Menoikio products stand out and win international awards because the production maintains elements of tradition. The milk used, only goat and sheep, is very limited in harvest and is made by selected breeders, several of whom are supplied with animal feed by the company itself.