Ouzo “champion” in exports

23 November 2022

Germany, Iraq and Bulgaria are the most important ouzo exporting countries.

The “protagonist” of Greek exports of alcoholic beverages remains ouzo, which has always been the main exported product of the Greek distillery.

In the first half of 2022, ouzo exports accounted for 64% of the value and 73% of the quantity of all Greek spirits exports, according to Eurostat data processed by the Association of Greek Spirits Producers.

Compared to last year, an increase in ouzo exports was recorded by +4.3% in value and by +7.6% in quantity.

Throughout time, European countries continue to hold the lead in terms of value and quantity among all ouzo destination countries. In particular, Germany in the first quarter of 2022 held 37.84% of the total in value. Iraq followed with 26.09% and Bulgaria with 15.59%.

With a smaller percentage of 2.24% the USA and the Netherlands with 2.06% as well as Belgium, Israel and Cyprus with 1.61%, 1.47%, 1.41% respectively.

As far as tsipouro and tsikoudia are concerned, although they represent a very small share (2%) of all exports, they consistently record a large increase in both quantity and value. In the 1st half of 2022 there is an increase of +14% in value and +23% in quantity compared to the corresponding period of 2021.

It is noted that in total the exports of Greek alcoholic beverages in the first half of 2022 recorded an increase of 6%, in quantity, compared to last year, while compared to 2019, (before the pandemic), by 14%. In terms of value, there was no significant change compared to last year, while compared to 2019, exports have increased by 22%.