EVLOGIA: New peanut butter with jam in 4 codes

22 December 2021

Evlogia… True Taste of Greece could not but be the protagonist again in another innovative product that came to create something special and special.

It is a product rich in protein and fiber, without added sugar, without preservatives and without palm oil. In this way evlogia presents you its new product, which will become the necessary habit of consumers. Evlogia peanut butter with jam is launched in four irresistible combinations, available in a jar of 280 gr.
They are:

• Peanut butter with strawberry jam
• peanut butter with peach jam
• peanut butter with fig jam
• peanut butter plum jam

True taste of Greece… .. from 100% Greek pistachios and 100% whole fruits of Achaia of Etoloakarnania. A snack of high nutritional value, with many proteins, suitable for adults