Elias Skoulas: With Christmas Pop-Up at The Ellinikon Experience Park

20 December 2021

The Christmas pop up “Fat Cat / The Burger Syndicate”, signed by Chef, Elias Skoulas, officially opens to the public, today, Monday, December 20, at The Ellinikon Experience park.

“This is the most grandiose project of the century in Greece”, Mr. Skoulas explains in an interview about The Ellinikon Experience Park, saying that, with its official operation, it opens the first section for the public.
It is worth noting that everything that the visitor will find in Fat Cat, whose trademark is the black cat, is handmade, from mayonnaise and ketchup, to the cuts in meat and minced meat. “Everything passes through our hands”, Mr. Skoulas explains and adds that the meat is from the farm, Mitsopoulos, and the bread is his own recipe, produced on his behalf by Venetis.

To “Fat Cat / The Burger Syndicate” will be open to the public daily, from Monday 20 December until Sunday 9 January from 17:00 to 22:00.