Loumidi Coffee Grinder: Black Friday with -15% in all coffees

24 November 2021

The countdown for this year’s Blank Friday started at the Loumidis Coffee Mill, where consumers can enjoy offers with -15%.

Celebrating this year’s Blank Friday, Loumidi Coffee Mill offers, until Friday 26/11, the opportunity for consumers to discover offers with -15% on all bulk coffees and selected products. Thus, throughout the network of Loumidis stores, consumers can enjoy the accompaniments of coffee with the signature of the Loumidis Coffee Grinders “Words & Tastes of Greece”, jams, pastries, pralines, liqueurs, coffee, crackers and Turkish delights with a 15% discount.

In addition, you will find a 15% discount on all basic chocolate chocolates exclusively in physical stores.
From Friday 26/11 the offers in coffee and selected products start in the e-shop of Loumidis Coffee Grinders and will last until Sunday 28/11, while on Monday 29/11 for 24 hours, due to Cyber ​​Monday, the company applies offers with a 20% discount on single-variety and aromatic coffees through www.kl.gr.