RM International’s participation in the 100% Hotel Show was completed with great success

23 November 2021

From Friday, November 19, 2021 to Monday, November 22, 2022 at the RM International exhibition stand at the 100% Hotel Show, more than 30 producers of premium products that have stood out for their quality, taste and innovation in both physical and digital EXPOTROF exhibitions and The DeliFair respectively, as well as at the AFFA Awards, presented their products to leading companies in the Hotel industry, tourism companies and owners of tourist accommodation that took part in the exhibition.

Wine, beer, honey, cereals, natural juices, aromatic herbs, oil, butter and many other products monopolized the interest, declaring the necessity of promoting quality Greek food through tourism.

This action of RM International was supported by the participation of the companies:

  1. Ammousa Brewery
  2. Annies Gourmet pop corn
  3. Ariston 
  4. Arritos herbal blends
  5. Asteras winery
  6. Efkrato 
  7. Eperion
  8. Etheleo
  9. Fteri Vinum Winery 
  10. In Beverages 
  11. Joice Foods
  12. kapasta
  13. kiro divine Creations
  14. Meat company Απόστολος Παπαδόπουλος 
  15. Milba Βουτυροκομείο 
  16. Mouriki Greek Premium Honey 
  17. Nutree
  18. Ottolina Caffe
  19. Sofie’s lemonade
  20. Verbio
  21. Yannos olive oil 
  22. Epirus Brewery
  23. Thes aromata – Giannis Karagounis
  24. Papageorgiou Estate
  25. Lemonodasos
  26. Messinian Paradosi
  27. Daskalaki family
  28. Portokalidis
  29. Grandma’s closet
  30. Fotis Pountos “O Fotis”