Healthy Habits: promotes100% natural jams without sugar.

16 November 2021

Healthy Habits is launching three codes aimed at promoting a lifestyle focused on better health and wellness.

Specifically, it creates 100% natural jams, which do not contain any sugar, but get their sweet wonderful taste only from the natural sugars of the fruit.

The new brand of Healthy Habits:
• Available in strawberry, apricot and forest fruits • It is a 100% natural product
• Produced from selected fruits, such as Peloponnesian strawberries and Corinthian apricots
• It is prepared with low boiling temperatures and thus, the aroma, color and taste of the fruit remain unchanged.
• It does not contain sugar, but only natural sugars, as it is “tied” with concentrated grape juice in an ideal ratio
• Does not contain pectin, preservatives, gluten and artificial flavors or other colors
• Suitable for vegan diet.