A.P.C.I. “PINDOS” : Invests in foreign markets

11 November 2021

With the aim of further expanding its commercial footprint in foreign markets, the Agricultural Poultry Cooperative, Pindos, continues steadily on the path of investment.

As stated by the president of the A.P.C.I. Pindos cooperative, Andreas Dimitriou in the context of the Thessaloniki Summit 2021, the cooperative has already planned the implementation of investments approaching 30 million euros for the years 2020-2024. “Two months ago, the new unit for the production of pre-cooked chicken products was put into operation, an investment that reached 10 million euros”, noted Mr. Dimitriou and continued saying: “The new unit consists of 5 production lines and in fact increases fivefold size, enhancing the prospects of our extroversion and orientation in overseas markets “.

Regarding the increased costs in raw materials, energy and transport, he said that the cooperative will not face great difficulties while emphasizing the strategy for innovation and application of new technologies.

It is worth noting that the new production unit has a production line for ready-made cooked products, fresh or frozen chicken, conventional and free-range, chicken boning line, frozen round chicken production line, production line for marinated fresh chicken products and ready-made production line from chicken