Climatarian: The new dietary trend

10 November 2021

Climate change brings to the fore the climatarian diet

A new dietary trend, similar to that of the flexitarian diet, is beginning to gain ground due to global concerns about climate change. This is the trend of climatarians, which is based on consuming less meat and more local products, in order to reduce as much as possible the burden on the environment from our eating habits.

According to research firm GlobalData, it is clear that the rise of the climatarian diet is linked to the simple steps that can be taken to reduce the carbon footprint. “One of the central pillars of the climate diet is the emphasis on production of locally produced products. Behaviors have changed in the last 18 months, as global supply chains have suffered from the weight of local lockdowns. “This is a great opportunity to re-evaluate where we get our food from,” said George Henry, a GlobalData consumer analyst.

However, he stressed that in order to have a universal acceptance of reduced meat consumption, consumer attitudes must be adjusted, something that has already begun to happen: “People may subconsciously be more receptive to meat and dairy alternatives than thinks”