Organic 3S is the new member of the Hella-Dika Mas initiative

8 November 2021

The Hella-Dika Mas initiative welcomes to its members another purely Greek company, Organic 3S SA, which started from the trade of organic products and reached the field of food production.

Organic 3S SA is headquartered in Metamorfosi, Attica and focuses on the production of cereals, cereal bars and snack cereals, gluten-free cereals and organic farming, in the production of liquid sweeteners, with sweetener from the stevia plant in collaboration with EPSA and in the marketing of organic products.
The new member of the community from the creation of his own brand of organic products Three friends until today is evolving daily to meet the demands of consumers, based on food safety.
It is worth noting that Organic 3S SA now records important collaborations with the largest Greek companies while exporting to countries in Europe, America and the Middle East and investing in continuous research and development of innovative products. Organic 3S A.E. joins forces with the Community of the Hella-Dika-Mas initiative to strengthen domestic entrepreneurship through coordinated actions inside and outside the borders.