Applications for the Athens Fine Food Awards 2022 begin.

25 October 2021

The Athens Fine Food Awards is the most important effort made in Greece for the collection, recording and promotion of products of Greek producers through their evaluation and rewarding.

With the seal of the event being EXPOTROF, in collaboration with renowned professionals in the field, AFFA aspires to be the reference point for the promotion of Greek production, based on raw materials, innovation, know-how, good practices and nutritional value. Taking into account concepts such as locality, tradition, differentiation, authenticity of taste, the goal is to highlight the traditional Greek cuisine and modern gastronomy through a reliable guide for the consumer that will guarantee the quality of the product based on strict evaluation criteria. from 27 analytical categories, the participating producers with their products, are classified and evaluated with the primary role of taste.
In fact, in order to ensure the integrity of the process, the tasting of the products is blind. The credibility of the awards, at international level, is based on the professionalism and experience of the evaluation committee. This group includes certified judges, taste journalists, sommeliers, chefs, food market players, restaurants, etc., whose identities will not be published until the completion of the evaluation process, as the goal is to achieve the objectivity of the crisis .
The application process is completed on December 13, 2021.

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