Alelma: Aim to export 50% of the Alonissos tuna that is processedι

21 October 2021

Alelma, a company known for its packaging of filleted white tuna alalunga and red tuna in a jar, aims to expand abroad, with which it has established its presence in the Greek market, according to the company’s representative, Marios Papapetrou. Alelma currently exports 10% of its production and its goal is to increase this percentage to 50% in the coming years. The company has its tuna in a jar with olive oil, water or sunflower oil and is supplied with the quantities available on the market from caught Aegean tuna with a certificate of origin. It also has smoked tuna fillet in olive oil as well as spicy tuna in sunflower oil and packages of tuna fillet in sunflower oil. It is currently betting on its expansion outside Greece through a premium tuna fillet product from the belly of the fish, where each package comes from the same fish.