Plant-Based Brands: which are the most popular.

15 October 2021

Maxima Kitchen Equipment conducted a survey of plant-based brands that have the most searches on Google.

Beyond Meat is the most sought after vegan brand by consumers on Google, according to a survey by Maxima Kitchen Equipment, which analyzed monthly searches for 100 of the most popular vegan brands.

It is noted that Beyond Meat has more than 422,000 searches per month, more than double that of its next competitor.
Oatly is the second most “googled” vegan brand in the world. The company, which creates oat-based alternatives, has almost 200,000 searches a month.

The countries with the most searches

Examining their image in various countries, Beyond Meat is first in the USA, Germany, Russia, Japan and South Korea. Quorn dominated searches in the United Kingdom and was also the leading brand sought after in Finland and Malta. Finally, Oatly was the most “googled” vegan brand in Australia, Sweden and Indonesia.