The patriarch of Greek gastronomy has passed away

13 October 2021

Greek gastronomy became poorer with the death of George Hatzigiannakis

George Hatzigiannakis, the patriarch of Greek gastronomy and creator of the emblematic restaurant Selini of Santorini, the man who paved the way for Santorini to become the first autonomous gastronomic destination in our country, passed away suddenly.
The just title of the patriarch of Greek gastronomy that had been given to him for years, after he managed to make known to the world and highlight the uniqueness of the few but exquisite Santorini products, did not find him in agreement, since he was a very humble and special man.
When he and Evelyn’s wife opened the restaurant on the Caldera in 1986, he did not want to take the easy way out. Xenomania had dominated the cuisines of Greek restaurants, with local products and recipes on the sidelines.

The restaurant was constantly gaining recognition and George Hatzigiannakis, active and daring, continued to promote the products of the place. The gastronomic profile of Santorini was set up with a plan and good foundations. He spoke at conferences, hosted anyone who wanted to learn, organized events. It was the model for many people of gastronomy, but also destinations. “The example of Santorini”, was and is even today, what many areas of Greece are trying to follow, in order to lay the foundations of their own gastronomic destination.