Anuga: The biggest international food fair is a fact!

11 October 2021

The first international food fair to open its gates to the general public after the pandemic is a fact!

Although numb, most exhibitors are optimistic as they believe that Anuga will act as a precursor that will “unlock” the other major exhibitions abroad, but also the domestic ones that for a year and a half were forced to put a “handbrake” depriving companies of the opportunity to present their products and get in direct contact with customers and end consumers. At the same time, restrictions on the number of visitors and tastings suggest that the way exhibitions have been conducted so far may take on a different form.

However, the Greek participation is possible and the aesthetics of the stands, as well as the packaging of the products win the impressions. With about 200 companies, Greece is for another year the fourth “force” in ANUGA, surpassing the Italians, who, however, steal the show with the design and the flawless presentation of their products.

Plant foods – healthy eating – sustainability are the main trends in this year’s ANUGA. Ideal conditions, one might say, for the super foods of the Mediterranean diet, such as tahini. As Vassilis Batalas from the company “Papagianni Brothers” with the brand name “Olympus” reports to Deutsche Welle, “The trend for healthy and plant-based nutrition has helped us. “We have come in contact with a consumer public who did not know about tahini, but because they may want to use it as an alternative to another product, we can meet their needs.”

In the Greek stand that has been created in Anuga under the auspices of Enterprise Greece and the competent authorities at the regional level, dozens of Greek companies participate with the aim of extroversion and the promotion of quality Greek products. We are very interested in extroversion, we want to promote the products of Attica and in fact with an increased subsidy for participation in the exhibition, says in a statement Stavros Voudonikolas, authorized agricultural policy consultant in the Attica region.

The region of Epirus with extremely original products, such as milk and cosmetics from donkey milk causes excitement to German consumers who want to be informed about its beneficial properties and uses.
Finally, a remarkable presence in this year’s ANUGA is recorded by Cyprus with 49 exhibitors and the most important exportable product is the famous halloumi. Judging by the number of exhibitors and the positive reactions caused by its recent recognition as a PDO product, halloumi seems to be emerging as a protagonist as lately more and more people choose it as a meat substitute, thanks to its high content. of in protein.