The genetically improved varieties that promise strawberry in winter in Greece

28 September 2021

Innovative practices for the cultivation of strawberries are developed by the Italian company Nova Siri Genetics, which specializes in this field.

Specifically, the company’s portfolio includes 10 varieties, each of which has different characteristics in order to meet and meet the needs of different production areas, including Greece.
However, apart from our country, these varieties are addressed to regions such as southern France, Spain, South America and South Africa.
“The markets we are targeting are those with a warm Mediterranean climate, ideal for low-frost crops, whose fruit production runs mainly from December to June,” said Nicola Tufaro, an agronomist. “Among the main strawberry varieties are the innovative NSG 120 (Rossetta®), NSG 203 (Marimbella®) and NSG 207 (Gioelita®) as well as the very popular variety under the Melissa brand name”.

According to her, the company develops a series of strawberry and berry varieties focusing its research on basic criteria of plant maturity, quality and durability, to meet the needs of the market, which are constantly changing. Now, the market is looking for strawberries from the very first months of winter, which must have good organoleptic characteristics such as taste, aroma and shelf life. Genetic improvement not only of strawberries but of the majority of agricultural products in general is expected to play a key role in the field of agri-food in the future as it is one of the key methods to address a number of challenges throughout the supply chain.