Sklavou Estate: The small winery from Cephalonia in the list of the 100 best in the world

24 September 2021

The recent promotion of the Sklavos estate, one of the best wineries in the list of 100 in the world by the American magazine Wines & Spirits was unexpectedly welcomed.

The small winery from Cephalonia managed with a vehicle its export activity, to obtain a distinction outside the Greek borders, which will be a supply for the further expansion of its commercial imprint in foreign markets.

 After all, more than 50% of its total production, which amounts to approximately 140 thousand bottles on an annual basis, goes abroad with main destinations to the markets of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Japan, while in total it now exports to more from 18 countries.

Although the weather conditions during the harvest days were not ideal and caused serious damage to the vineyards in the area of ​​Robola, the production moved to unexpectedly good levels, says the head of the winery Evryviadis Sklavos, saying at the same time that all the labels of the estate will be released. even Robola Cephalonia, which, however, will be produced in fairly limited quantities.

Regarding the financial performance of the estate, Mr. Sklavos states that the coronavirus pandemic did not significantly affect its sales as the winery has little exposure to the restaurant and hotel channel and focuses more on exports as well as the presence of of its wines in the retail channel and more specifically in cellars