Vegan Awards 22: Veganism in the spotlight

21 September 2021

Highlighting and rewarding companies that promote the vegan lifestyle

The business communication company BOUSSIAS organizes for the second consecutive time in Greece the VEGAN AWARDS, with the aim of highlighting and rewarding the excellence and innovation in the products and services of the companies that promote the vegan lifestyle (ie the way of life that aims to exclude , as far as possible, of all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose).

The Vegan Awards 22 come to showcase this new industry of food, cosmetics, personal care and hygiene items, food supplements, detergents, clothes and accessories from the wider area of ​​Imoda, all with vegan certifications

The goal of the Vegan Awards 22 is:

  • to promote Vegan companies and Start-Ups,
  • reward all services that gradually create a market with different ethics and new social implications,
  • to communicate their award-winning products and services to the general public and to mobilize companies in the industry for the continuous improvement of their services and products.

The jury consists of distinguished academics, nutritionists, professionals and journalists from the field of veganism, chaired by Eleni Prifti, Chemist, MSc, PhDc / Health Coach. The Vegan Awards 22 is a unique opportunity to recognize and distinguish products and services in one of the most rapidly growing and competitive industries in the global economy: that of veganism.