Asterios bio entered the Japanese market

14 September 2021

The honey production and standardization company, Asterios, entered Japan, expanding its presence in foreign markets.

As Asterios Avramidis mentions in an interview, who, together with his twin brother Anastasios, founded the company “we entered Japan in the first quarter of the year, but it has already become the main market of the company. “We are focused on the Asian market in countries such as Japan and Korea, while our next target is the countries of Central Europe.”
The company’s portfolio includes 8 varieties of honey, while the promotion of the Elati variety has begun. As Mr. Avramidis states “with Elati the portfolio of the company’s products closes, at least for now”. The goal of the company is to focus on the promotion of its products and then to develop new products.
It is worth noting that the Avramidis brothers, in addition to honey, are also active in the olive oil category, while they have in the product portfolio a series of five cosmetic products from beeswax. “In olive oil we have 3 packages, 500ml, 1lt, 5lt, from Halkidiki olives and during the year 7-8 tons are produced” explains Mr. Avramidis. The production of the products takes place in facilities in Northern Greece, while the expansion of activities in Athens is already underway.