Aromatic honeysuckle water by Aitheria

10 August 2021

Aromatic water is a distillation product. This is the distilled water that is received after its separation from the essential oil. Contains small amounts of essential oil dispersed like tiny droplets. Aromatic waters contain 2000 times less aromatic composition than essential oils and therefore their use is safe for children of sensitive age groups and pets.

Aromatic honeysuckle water from AItheria is a 100% natural product produced by distilling the leaves of the Melissa Officialinalis plant.

Its uses

  • Aromatic honeysuckle water can be used as an insect repellent and is safe for children and babies. Spray often as a lotion on your body.
  • Use aromatic honeysuckle water as a toning lotion for your skin. It has soothing properties for the skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin! It can also be used on the face to soothe tired skin, while also offering firmness.
  • The aroma of honeysuckle is very relaxing. References record the contribution of honeysuckle to the stimulation of the nervous system and the treatment of depression. In cases of intense stress and anger, but also when you just want to relax, spray your face with aromatic honeysuckle water.