Dryas Greek Truffle prepares nuts and Pop Corn from truffle

2 August 2021

The truffle processing company, Dryas Greek Truffle, entering the market in 2008, is moving at a feverish pace cultivating winter black truffle, black seed and black autumn truffle.

The company from Imathia entered the processing in 2003 and now, its portfolio has 50 product codes.

Products with pure truffle
• Sauces
• Oils
• Balsamic vinegar
• Spices
• Sweet
• Honey with truffle
• Aperitif with truffle
• Ready meals with truffle

As everything shows, Tassos Papafotis and Daphne Branioti, founders of Dryas Greek Truffle, continue to innovate and launch new premium products based on truffles. Three months ago, ketchup with truffle was released on the market, and before that, hummus, sun-dried tomato paste with truffle and truffle sauce with mushrooms.
The company’s next plans are to market nuts and popcorn with truffle.
It is worth noting that Dryas Greek Truffle has an active export activity and is currently active in 12 countries including Germany, Cyprus and America. Dryas opened the Austrian market during the pandemic, and has begun its efforts to enter China.
You can find Dryas Greek Truffle products in selected Delicatessens, Butchers, Organic Stores and Cellars