Double-digit increase for the beer market from May until today

5 August 2021

8 reasons why the beer market is on the rise of 20%

With high double-digit percentages, reaching up to 20%, the beer market has been moving from May until today. That is, from the moment the country came out of the prolonged lockdown and the restaurant reopened its gates. In fact, according to industry executives, both world psychology and consumption are among the factors that have influenced demand.

In detail, the 8 main reasons that have led to the recovery of the industry are:

  • The opening of the cold market of HoReCa, which strengthened at a very high rate, compared to last year. This is due to the fact that the catering businesses were closed for a very long time, so they did not have stock in products and had to place large orders.
  • The continued upward movement of the convenience channel, which is still a key choice for many consumers, who since the beginning of the pandemic have become accustomed to doing their small shopping in local mini markets
  • Sales in supermarkets also continue to rise, although growth rates have declined due to more sales channels
  • Large heat intervals. Compared to last year, the temperature has risen significantly, which leads to an increase in this market.
  • The big increase in travel. Many Greeks have chosen either to spend their summer holidays earlier or to “escape” to nearby popular destinations.
  • Euro 2021. According to market players, the online sales, which were mostly related to some combo offers, ie combinations of food and drink helped the upward course of the industry from mid-June to mid-July.
  • The arrival of foreign visitors to our country. The release and the green light for the movement of tourists may have been recent, but tourists from the US, Israel, Poland, the Nordic countries and the first groups from Great Britain and Germany, stimulated local communities and the beer market as well.
  • The psychology of the world. Although uncertainty remains about the course of the pandemic in the coming months, however, the assessment that a wall of immunity is being built in the country has been consolidated, and Greece will hardly return to a total lockdown regime.