Mint tea from Anthea Organics

29 July 2021

An excellent organic tea that is served extremely either hot or cold. It is collected by Anthea Organics, a company that, with the help of small growers, gathers the most aromatic Greek organic herbs and plants. The love and passion for nature is also reflected in the way aromatic plants are collected. It is done entirely by hand while drying them in an ideal place for shading.

The “Mint” tea of ​​the Anthea Organics series, is a special drink with many healing properties, in addition to the aroma of freshness that characterizes it. Mint is the strongest ally for indigestion, colds, flu, headaches and menstrual cramps. It is a rich source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese. Also, its rejuvenating and antimicrobial action is characteristic of its functionality in the human body.

Mint, the famous fragrant plant of the Mediterranean flora has its own special history.
Mint, the jealous daughter of the river Kokytos, threatened Persephone. She was seduced by her love for her husband, Pluto of the Underworld. Her beauty and her sparkle, which is said to have been greater than that of Persephone, did not help her win the love of the god of the Necrocosm. But not to save Dimitra’s month when the threats for her daughter reached her ears.Thus, in a turn of fate, he was transformed by divine command into the “idiosyncratic” plant. The transformation took place in a tragic way. It is said that the mother Dimitra, angry, pressed her body until it dissolved and her ashes rolled on the ground. Mint emerged at the spot. It had broad, green leaves that bore red highlights, from the blood of the nymph who dared to claim God.

Anthea Organics mint was awarded two stars in the Grand Taste Awards 2020.