O / purist: the premium tsipouro of the international bar scene

27 July 2021

O / purist is the project of 10 top Greek bartenders (Marfi Bali, Christos Huseas, Alexandros Gikopoulos, Costas Ignatiadis, Dimitris Kiakos, Aris Makris, Giannis Petris, Thodoris Pyrillos, Thanos Prunaros, Nikos to Nikos , an exquisite distillate for the modern bar scene and the base for creating exceptional signature cocktails

The idea brought a new proposal in the field of bar, highlighting the gap that exists in the market. The idea of ​​the new distillate was simple and at the same time modern, as the proposal of this particular distillate was based on the creation of a premium tsipouro with noble characteristics, such that it can be served in cocktails, without overpowering the other ingredients.
O / purist, which is served both as a base for unique signature cocktails, and plain, in recyclable paper cups, designed by dj Dear Quentin, aspires to recommend Greek spirits in bars abroad, paving the way for other Greek spirits. It is worth noting that even the paper cups designed by Quentin convey the message of Greek promotion. In one there is the garter of tsolias on the edge of the glass and in the other the bee is imprinted on the face of tsolias.
The production of the emerging tsipouro of 10 bartenders has been undertaken by the Thomopoulos Distillery, which belongs to the Kalogianni family, known from the Plomari distillery Isidoros Arvanitis. The production of the distillate is done entirely in its own abysses using the varieties malagouzia, ugni blanc and rhodite. In the second distillation are added spices and herbs that give the O / purist its special character.
Thomopoulos distillery wants to address in national and international bar scene. Except Greece, has already taken its first steps in Germany. It should be noted that two of the ten Greek bartenders who inspired the product, one is in a bar in Germany and the second in Great Britain and their presence in both countries hopes to act as a catalyst for the establishment of O / purist abroad.