Digital labels on wine labels from 2024

26 July 2021

What does the new label with food label and QR code for wines mean?

The new Commission regulations, which provide for the new labels and QR code on bottles with the aim of better informing consumers about the ingredients as well as the place of production and origin of the products, are welcomed by all professionals and actors in the domestic wine sector. . Under the new common agricultural policy, therefore, the calorific value must now be indicated on the label of each wine bottle with an E (energy) symbol and a number indicating the caloric level.

At the same time, there will be a QR code, which the consumer will be able to scan through his mobile phone and will have direct access to the winery’s website, where he will show the energy content of the bottle, the wine ingredients, the place of origin. , vineyards and varieties. All wineries will have to comply with the regulations by 2024, making changes and adding new labels.

“All wine companies are fully in line with this process”, notes the president of KEOSOE, Christos Markou, saying at the same time that “this move should have been made much earlier as it protects not only the consumer but also the producer himself in as to the origin of the wine “.