DAKOU MILLS in Aionovia Brands 2021 for its 146 years of history

21 July 2021

The flour industry DAKOU MILLS won a Diamond award at the Aionovia Brands Awards 2021 for its 146 years of history. The awards for the Aionovia brands were made in the context of the 21st Marketing and Sales Conference.

The award of the company MYLOI DAKOU was made by the Minister of Development and Investments Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, who handed over the award to the Managing Director of MYLOI DAKOU, Katerina Dakou.

DAKOU MILLS is a historical company that has been active in the market for over a century, offering quality products to the consumer public, always remaining true to its vision in its long course. The honorary award received by the flour industry Myloi Dakou as an Centennial Brand seals its constantly evolving course, its uninterrupted contribution to the Greek economy, but also the production of products with emphasis on innovation and modernization and respect for the environment and man.
Since 1875, DAKOU MILLS has been evolving creatively and keeping pace with the needs that arise over the years, expressing its care for modern man with its high quality products and its continuous contribution to society.

A few words about the company Mills Dakou
Dakou Mills is a purely Greek family industry having since 1875 its headquarters and facilities in Attica. Guided by the provision of excellent quality products based on the excellent cooperation with Greek grain producers and the fine raw materials, it guarantees the efficient and strong relationship with its customers.The production of products is carried out with absolute respect for the environment and man, emphasizing innovation and modernization. Dakou Mills seeks to expand its presence in the domestic market, but also to enter new ones that will allow it to strengthen within and outside the borders. 2020 is a milestone year for the company, as it marks the completion of 145 years of successful and dynamic activity in the industry. He is a proud Member of the HELLA-DIKA MAS initiative, which aims to strengthen the “voice” of Greek entrepreneurship and to highlight the companies that insist on maintaining their headquarters, ownership and production in our country.