Anthima Oak Honey

13 July 2021

Anthima Oak Honey is produced from honeydew that bees collect during the summer days in the oak forests of Macedonia. It is characterized by an intense, sweet taste and its aroma is special and pleasant. It can accompany breakfast perfectly with drinks and pastries, ripe yellow dressing cheeses and is available in packages of 920gr, 440gr and 260gr.

The company for production and standardization of bee products Anthima has been active in Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki for a few years now. Combining the wonderful world of bees, with the knowledge, experience of the beekeeper and with respect for nature and the environment, products of high nutritional value are produced with special organoleptic characteristics that are addressed to the modern consumer..

From the mountains and forests of Macedonia are collected bee products, honey, pollen & propolis of exceptional quality. Guided by strict hygiene, pine, chestnut, oak, heather and much more are packaged for small and large food chains, delicatessens, grocery stores, mini markets, hotels, patisseries.

By creating a standard beekeeping laboratory, we have absolutely ensured the quality of our products that reach the final consumer. According to the principles of the HACCP system, the operations and the production process comply with the national and international regulations concerning food hygiene.