Mastelo soft cow cheese from Chios

Mastelo is one of the most famous products of Chios. Those who love it persistently look for it under the name “mastelo” but this cow’s cheese officially belongs to the category of soft cheeses.

The word mastelo, literally means the wooden bucket used to collect milk and is of Venetian origin (mastelo). There is a misconception that mastelo is a type of Chian cheese. For others, Mastello ® is just a delicious famous cheese… The truth is that it is the trademark for the dairy products made since 1994 in Chios exclusively by Costas Toumazos from excellent quality raw materials, fresh whole Chian cow and goat milk.

The soft Mastelo cheese from cow’s milk is the most sought after and the most beloved. It is delicious raw but, it ends deliciously grilled. That is why there is no visitor who has not tasted the grilled taverns and restaurants of Chios Mastelo. Due to its ingredients, the soft Mastelo cheese when grilled, evokes its milky taste that characterizes it.
But the most impressive thing is that it does not melt. It acquires a chewy texture without losing its shape. Bake easily and quickly on a grill or non-stick pan. It has 27g fat, 45% moisture and 1.6g salt. Available in heads of 360gr. about, packed in a vacuum and kept in the refrigerator for 2 1⁄2 months.
If you want to try something different, wrap it in a sheet or even better prefer the roast, with sweet and sour jam, pomegranate syrup, balsamic cream or chutney.