Salami with Kimi fig from Kerkini Farm

Kerkini Farm for over 20 years, listening to the modern requirements for proper and balanced nutrition, produces with passion and passion top quality products, ideal for the whole family, bringing to the table the experience of fresh Greek meat.

With 24 quality awards, Kerkini Farm products stand out for their top quality and rich enjoyable taste, making them an excellent choice for the family table but also a unique comparative and competitive advantage for catering businesses.

In its privately owned modern laboratory, it fully controls the quality of the products it produces, applying all the requirements of the global food safety and quality standard..

Kerkini Farm produces and sells both in the Greek and in the International Food Market, fine meats and delicacies directly enriching its product range.

The new gastronomic proposal of the company combines 100% Greek pork of Kerkini Farm with Kimi fig. The result; A special product! A semi-dry salami with Kimi fig. The salami matures in strictly controlled natural conditions, fermented together with Kimi figs, fine spices and black pepper in grains that are uniquely combined with the taste of pork