In consultation with European standards for the marketing of agricultural products

Public consultation on the revision of EU marketing standards for agricultural products. The European Commission is launching a public consultation, which will be open until 31 August, to raise views on policy options for a possible revision of Community marketing standards for agricultural products.

The consultation examines in particular the potential of marketing models to increase the supply of sustainable products and streamline existing legislation, while aiming to involve actors in the food supply chain such as producers, traders, retailers and their associations, consumers, civil society organizations. and national authorities. It is noted that this is done in the context of the strategy “From farm to fork”.

What the Marketing Standards define
Marketing standards determine the quality of products available on the market and to consumers through mandatory rules or optional binding terms. They rely on technical specifications of the product to define uniform commercial characteristics.For agricultural products, this covers freshness or sizing, presentation, labeling, packaging, etc. However, product specifications may also affect production processes and methods. Marketing standards set minimum quality requirements for products that reach the consumer and specify the characteristics of the products sold, using specific terms (eg free range for poultry products).