100 acres of organic fig cultivation of Kymi PDO. A food oasis in Evia, so close to Athens and so “far” from it

The Sarli Organic Farm is located in a fertile valley created by the confluence of the Manikiati and Koletra torrents, surrounded by a forest of age-old plane trees and a flora of rare plants and herbs. It has abundant running water and with the rare fauna of small wild animals gives the image of a unique landscape. There the Sarli family produces the internationally recognized PDO figs of FARMA SARLI. One of the first five PDOs that Greece got.

FARMA SARLI figs are unique because they have a very thin skin, they are very sweet and tender and they are distinguished by an attractive blonde color, which they get from the sun as soon as they ripen on the trees. Due to the fact that they are full of honey, they are opened and necessarily dried in the sun and air to dry. Then they are closed in pairs and thus the ascada is created (the two figs married together).

Farma Sarli products have been cultivated for decades with passion and respect for local tradition. In addition to Kimi figs and by-products, the organic farm also has wine, olive oil and traditional pasta