Vegan ice cream BON ICE

23 June 2021

A new rice ice cream in two flavors is available in the market from the company BIO-HEALTH.

This is BON ICE ice cream with vanilla or chocolate flavor that is suitable for vegan and is coming to make a difference this summer. It is available in selected organic stores and supermarkets in order to travel the consumer in the world of products without animal ingredients.
The vegan ice creams BON ICE vanilla rice ice-cream & chocolate rice ice-cream are vegan, lactose free, gluten free and mainly with organic ingredients.

The company BIO-HEALTH was founded in 2000 and is one of the first companies to deal with organic products. Since then, it packs and distributes organic and vegan products and has managed to be the leader in the organic products market in Greece. It has more than 120 approved suppliers worldwide that are certified by the Organic Control Institute. In addition, it cooperates with Greek producers with the result of these collaborations to have in the Greek market a variety of 1800 European products and 660 private labels.