Casarecce with carob from the “Chiotiko Kellari”

In beautiful Chios and more specifically in the settlement of Vessa of the former Municipality of Mastichochoria, you will find pasta workshop “Chiotiko Kellari” of the Konstantoulakis family that for several years is active with love and passion in the field of pasta making and marketing, aiming to offer consumers high quality products.

The pasta workshop “Chian Kellari” is housed in a traditional house, built in the last century but adapted to the modern way of production and processing required by today’s conditions. A sign of family respect for the tradition of the place and the Mediterranean diet.

With pure ingredients, without flavor additives and dyes or preservatives, trachanas, cous cous, tagliatelle, twisters, spaghetti, Chios bun, lasagna leaves and many more products are prepared daily in the laboratory. Among them are the Casarecce with carob, a gourmet product that is worth trying by those who are not afraid to expand their gastronomic horizons. Carob is a Mediterranean, woody fruit, whose taste is reminiscent of chocolate.

The “Chiotiko kellari” has set a goal to produce more and more products with pure ingredients of its place, creating unique gastronomic proposals, such as food bars made of figs, anhydrous double concentrated sauce from dry Chios tomatoes, chutney made of figs or Chian mandarin.