The four trends of alcoholic beverages

Four new trends will dominate the summer of 2021 and 2022, says the team of the World Beverage Innovation Awards, trying to predict the trends of alcoholic beverages.

As a matter of fact, the pandemic has its own decisive role in shaping the new trends as the closed focus and the restrictions favored the consumption of drinks at home. In addition, climate change has and still has an important role as there are many companies that aim to reverse the climate impact and adopt new circular economy practices.

Rise in ready drinks
The ready-to-drink (RTDs) market is growing at an annual rate of 3%, according to Kenneth Research, and in 2024 is expected to approach $ 32 billion. It is natural, therefore, for alcoholic beverage companies to turn to ready-to-drink beverages, as the dynamics of this market are upward for the coming years

Healthy … Wines
The wine market, which contributes to well-being and a balanced diet, will grow by 8.2% in the two years 2021-2023, according to the IWSR. Therefore, companies are turning to the production of wines in small bottles, which can be used individually.

Green” beer
Turning to renewables and reducing carbon footprint is the new goal of manufacturing companies, with consumers asking companies to set green targets and not pollute the environment with their actions. In this context, a new trend is the production of beer without … carbon footprint! That is, to produce beer from renewable energy sources and the equipment used for its production not to pollute the environment.

Trendy tequila

The latest market trend is called “trendy tequila”. Tequila produced with green energy and alternative plants. In fact, already in Latin America this market is gaining ground, recording 7% growth every year