Vegetable Barley from “Maggiri”

A new tasty proposal comes from the workshop of Aspasia Giakoumaki in Heraklion, Crete, full of aromas and authentic taste.

The Vegetable Barley with semolina and fresh vegetables such as beetroot, carrot and spinach is a new gastronomic proposal that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Colorful and aromatic, it is a complete meal but also an ideal accompaniment for meat.

The “MAGGIRI” Traditional Pasta Laboratory, faithful to tradition, was created to offer you pure and quality pasta, without preservatives and color impurities, fermented with free-range eggs and fresh sheep’s milk from local producers. Along with traditional flavors such as noodles, twisters, barley, trachanas, the workshop “MAGGIRI” developed traditional recipes offering special proposals such as noodles with cuttlefish ink, noodles with carob flour, screws with turmeric, turmeric, screw with turmeric, screw durum wheat, gluten free screws, vegetable screws, cream cheese screws