Honey, mastic and cinnamon from the Alabassini family

True cinnamon, unique mastic, pure honey, a charming combination of flavors with rich aroma and soft texture.

The Alabassini family has been taking care of the bees since 1988. With respect to nature and tradition, it creates unique delicious products. Following nomadic beekeeping, its products are rich in flavor and quality. In addition to traditional honey, the Alabassini family creates unique flavor combinations such as Thyme Honey from the Ionian Islands, Pine – Heather Honey, Honey with Ginger and Turmeric, Honey with Almonds and Crocus.
The new proposal Honey, Mastic and Cinnamon is a unique taste experience with a wonderful aroma, soft texture that contains all the antioxidant and beneficial properties of mastic and cinnamon.
Together, in the honey package, you will find lavender, oregano, thyme or rosemary seeds.
The Alabassini family, wanting to show their respect for bees, donates seeds for planting along with each package of honey.
As they say “Once the jar of honey is empty, fill it with fluffy soil & put the seeds. Take care of it until it grows up & a bee can visit it. Only then will the jar be “refilled” with honey.