Double distinction for Viosa Oil

The Messinian olive oil “Oil of experience” was distinguished with two awards in the competition “Gourmet Exhibition” organized since 2016 in Thessaloniki.

Gold award for the quality of olive oil and Bronze award for the design of the ceramic packaging won the Viosa oil in the Gourmet Exhibition 2021 competition.

Among 880 products and 100 judges, “Oil experienced” from Kefalovryso, Messinia reached the absolute in the crises receiving awards in both categories of participation, therefore the fully vertical production process that follows from 2010 with participation in each stage of product creation is sealed with this distinction.

According to the company’s announcement, “a network of partners made the award one-way. Starting from the Agricultural Cooperative of Sterna, Messinia, which endures its peculiarities, Nikolas Koutsoukos – Chemist & founder of the Olive and Olive Oil School of Kalamata – who isolates the substance, decodes it, leading to the award and the HAKAI ceramics. Tsirou) created by hand, one by one, the ceramic bottles, bidding on the uniqueness of the final product “.

The discriminations
For the category extra virgin olive oil (Ladi Biosas |||| living oil) won the gold award with a score of 87.4. Viosa oil is characterized by rich aromas such as peppers, herbs, flowers and a pleasant taste of herbs and flowers

For the packaging design / branding category (Ladi Biosas |||| live oil) won the bronze award with a score of 66.7