The source of AGASTO olive oil

Extra virgin and organic cold pressed olive oil produced by people with passion, experience and thorough scientific and technical training. Care of the olive tree, collection of the olive fruit at the appropriate stage of ripening, transfer of the same day to the olive mill, excellent oiling conditions, pressing of the olive fruit at low temperatures. These are the steps to producing quality olive oil! An olive oil worthy of admiration and awards!

Agasto organic is an organic extra virgin olive oil produced and bottled in Samos by the company “Th. Harbis “.

The company started its operation in 2016 with the aim of utilizing the local production of olive oil on the island of Samos. Its facilities are located in southern Samos, in an olive grove and have been certified with the strictest environmental management standards.

In 2020, agasto organic was honored with the Gold Medal at the Athena International Olive Oil Competition – Athiooc.

A few words about agasto

The company standardizes extra virgin cold pressed olive oil in a 500 ml and 750 ml glass bottle as well as in a 5 liter metal container. However, its main productive direction concerns the standardization of organic olive oil in a 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml glass bottle as well as in a 3 liter metal container.

In the privately owned olive groves but also in the olive groves of the members of the group of organic farmers who cooperate with agasto, the principles of organic agriculture have been applied since 2001, when every step of the production process from the field to the final packaging is controlled.