Effort to promote the brand name of “Hellenic Nutrition”

The strong brand “Hellenic Nutrition” will contribute to the rebranding of Greece, emphasizes the new Minister of Rural Development & Food, Spilios Libanos and directs all his actions in this direction.

The new Minister of Rural Development and Food seeks to promote the brand of “Greek Nutrition”, which can attract new visitors to our country, to advertise Greece abroad, but also to connect the various types of thematic tourism with each other. , Cave of Lebanon.
More specifically, in a series of teleconferences that the minister held with the Greek-Dutch Chamber, the Dutch Ambassador, Stella Roner, but also the EU Health Commissioner. Stella Kyriakidou, Mr. Libanos focused on issues such as strengthening the identity of the “Greek Diet”, the protection of Greek products, such as yogurt from counterfeit and misleading practices in international markets, the initiative launched by the European Commission on the forward food, the digital transformation of the agricultural sector, innovative and sustainable farming methods, opportunities for financial support for investments in the agri-food sector and tackling the multifaceted effects of climate change.

Mr. Libanos stressed that he attaches special importance to initiatives concerning young farmers, with a strong innovative and sustainable dimension, as well as to the promotion of partnerships and collaborations between the public and private sectors in the primary sector.
In addition, he presented to the EU Commissioner the initiative he has taken to reposition and promote the brand name of the “Greek Diet” as an integral part of modern Greek identity, in the context of the completion of 200 years since the Greek Revolution and stressed that a critical parameter of the initiative is the full harmonization and substantial contribution of the initiative to the implementation of the objectives of the European policy “From Farm to Fork”.
Mr. Libanos also raised the issue of the promoted legislative initiative at EU level for the front of the food nutrition labeling (Front of Pack Nutrition Labeling). He emphasized the need to harmonize systems in the EU, while expressing serious reservations about the completeness of proposed schemes such as Nutriscore, and stressed the need for any labeling system to take adequate account of traditional diets and foods such as olive oil.