Healthy snacks are chosen by the consumers of the future

29 April 2021

Consumers of the future prioritize healthy choices and alternative plant foods, while at the same time looking for new flavors, turning to fast food and expressing interest in the sustainable development practices followed by production companies. The above trends were recorded by a relevant research of the Consumer Goods Research Institute (IELKA) in a study on food consumption in the next decade.

Modern consumers, and especially the younger ones, demand less and less sugar in their food, choose organic products, turn to vegan choices or healthier food choices such as superfoods, fruits and vegetables, nuts and fresh fruits. Flavors available in the market offering Health & Wellness. The “key” here is the fact that alternative products appear in the eyes of consumers as healthier options. In fact, research has shown that consumers turn their attention to options that have been created to meet possible nutritional peculiarities, such as intolerance or allergies, although they may not show such a need.

The predominant trend among future consumers seems to be snacks with superfoods, such as tahini, peanut butter, honey and other superfoods, usually combined with oats. At the same time, snacks made from dried fruits and sugar-free superfood bars are gaining ground, while dark chocolate, which is identified in the minds of consumers with a healthier choice than milk chocolate, has gained a dynamic presence.

“Snacking” seems to greatly expand its place in Greek habits, as 25% of respondents state that they replace main meals with snacks due to lack of time, while this tactic is followed by 32% by the category of millennials. An equally significant percentage of 29% of all respondents turn to snacks to meet their dinner needs.

Finally, another important parameter that composes the consumer profile of the future concerns the weight that domestic consumers have begun to give to issues of sustainable development, with 74% of participants saying they are more likely to buy products from companies with honesty and transparency in 42% say they would pay more for products with a reduced environmental footprint and a similar percentage say they would have more money for products with environmentally friendly packaging.