Vinegar products from Galaxy

28 April 2021

GALAXY – Mavidou & Sons OE, for half a century with respect to the consumer and the Greek diet, produces products that are distinguished for their quality and taste. With modern mechanical equipment, by adopting hygiene and safety conditions in the production area and following the market developments, the company continues to produce and promote new quality and competitive products that deserve a place on our table. In the hands of the second generation it has evolved into a modern production unit, with an area of ​​2000 m2, which draws on its experience but always with a view to the future.

By selecting excellent raw materials, it produces and promotes unique vinegar products. Its range includes grape vinegar, apple cider vinegar, vinegar and balsamic creams, lemon juice and Lemon Dressing that ideally complement any food of traditional and modern cuisine ..

The balsamic vinegar that it produces with its special aftertaste and strong aromatic characteristics encloses the experience and knowledge of the company for the products it makes.
The balsamic vinegar cream with its rich texture, is ideal for marinating and as an ingredient in recipes with chicken, fish, vegetables and meat. It harmoniously accompanies salads, soups, cheese, cream, yogurt, ice cream.
Apart from vinegar, lemon juice from concentrated juice produced from lemons of the Peloponnese, coats all foods with the characteristic intensity and aroma of freshly cut lemon.
Lemon dressing (Lemon Dressing), is the economical and popular choice for lemon flavor and acidity in all foods.

With constant research, it follows the market developments, upgrades and develops its product range, while at the same time offering improved working conditions, health and safety. Since 2005 it applies the ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 Systems in the whole range of production: plastic bottles and caps, products and bottling. It is also certified with IFS Food Standard Higher Level. Today it is a dynamic company, with a wide range of private label products inside and outside Greece and significant export activity.

Taste awards

Galaxy’s new line of balsamic creams has been awarded for its quality and taste in many international competitions. Four Balsamic creams (Classic Cream, Orange Cream, Fig Cream, Pomegranate Cream), the unique Lemon Cream and BARBEQUE SAUCE, were awarded for their unparalleled quality, aroma and rich taste in the SUPERIOR TASTE International AW competition & Quality Institute with two stars of maximum taste in 2018.

In 2021, the International Taste Awards, again awarded the products of Galaxy, rewarding once again, the effort of the company Mavidou & Sons OE for the production of quality and delicious products.

The International Taste Awards, the most trusted taste certification in the world, with over 200 top Chefs and Sommeliers from more than 20 countries, with the strictest evaluation process among 1000 different quality food products from around the world, honored with 2 stars three GAlaxy products: Balsamic Cream with pomegranate, Balsamic Cream with fig and Dijon Mustard!