AMMOUSA beer received the big AFFA award for 2021

27 April 2021

The evaluation process of the products of small producers was recently completed in the context of the Athens Fine Food Awards by EXPOTROF 2021 with the nomination of the winners.

More than 200 products of small Greek producers were evaluated and 74 of them were awarded one, two or three quality stars for the year 2021. Of these, 25 products won the major awards in the categories of dry food, fresh food, beverages, olive oil, innovation, debut product, organic food and packaging, while the big AFFA award for 2021 was won by AMMOUSA beer from Patras, which collected the highest score with 19.61 / 20. At the same time, the honorary AFFA award for 2021 was awarded to Dr. Stavroula Kourakou Dragonas for the project and its overall contribution to the promotion of local wine.

A few words about AFFA

AFFA by EXPOTROF is the most important effort made in Greece for the collection, registration and promotion of food products of Greek producers through their evaluation and reward.

With the seal of the event being the EXPOTROF Food Fair, in collaboration with renowned professionals in the field, AFFA aspires to be the reference point for the promotion of Greek production, based on raw materials, innovation, know-how, good practices and nutritional value.

Taking into account concepts such as locality, tradition, differentiation, authenticity of taste, the goal is to highlight the traditional Greek cuisine and modern gastronomy.

With 27 categories of food, 10 categories of awards and a process of organoleptic evaluation through blind tasting by the members of the experienced jury, the Athens Fine Food Awards 2021 by EXPOTROF aim at rewarding quality, providing incentives and distinctions for growth and innovation. and in extroversion which is more valuable than ever.

You can see the winners of the AFFA 2021 awards at