APCI Pindos: over 60 years of taste!

23 April 2021

The Agricultural Poultry Cooperative of Ioannina “H PINDOS”, is the largest primary agricultural cooperative in the country with 60 years of continuous presence in the Greek market.

In 1958, 7 farmers from the Prefecture of Ioannina, at the urging of the World Council of Churches, decided to engage in poultry production as a supplement to their income.

This was the beginning for the establishment of APCI PINDOS, a cooperative that was to seal with its name the course of Greek poultry. And since then many things have changed… ..the 7 members have increased to more than 500, the 2 employees now exceed 1,200, while the production of 5000 chickens per week amounts to 850,000 chickens per week.
However, there is something that remains constant throughout this long course: The belief in the vision, principles and values ​​of the founders of APSI PINDOS, who today is the leader of Greek poultry.

The driving force of PINDOS is the poultry farmers of the cooperative. Based in Rodotopi, Ioannina, PINDOS has state-of-the-art infrastructure and fully vertical production, while following the highest international standards of quality and safety at every stage of the production process. Today PINDOS holds the leading position in the poultry industry, with a market share of over 30%. Maintaining more than 1,000 jobs and indirectly supporting thousands more jobs in the supply chain, it strengthens in practice the national economy and is a pillar of growth for the Greek region. It is a state-of-the-art cooperative, competing internationally, combining state-of-the-art know-how with a purely Greek identity and tradition.

The Agricultural Poultry Cooperative of Ioannina “H PINDOS” offers to the consumer fresh and frozen chicken, ready cooked, organic and free grazing. In 2018, the Cooperative strengthens its portfolio with the eggs with the designation of Origin but also cold cuts from 100% fresh mountain chicken, without gluten.

The quality, the taste and the safety of origin made the PINDOS chicken products a nutritious and easy meal for the whole family at all hours of the day. Smoked fillet, Parizaki, Frankfurt Sausages, Cocktail Sausages, Hot dog, Spicy chicken salami as well as the unique village sausage PINDOS – awarded in an international competition in Brussels – are just a few of the products that have been loved by little ones!