“Become a Winemaker for a day”

22 April 2021

The Association of Winemakers of Northern Greece and the educational organization WSPC (The place to study wine, spirits, coffee and beverages) organize the interactive online event “Become a Winemaker for one day”, which will take place on Holy Wednesday, April 28, 17: 30-19 : 30, hosted by the master of wine, Konstantinos Lazarakis.

At the event, the winemakers-members of the Union will tell, each one, an event that happened in their winery, which required immediate and correct handling in order to deal with it. For each story, the winemaker will share with the audience four choices he had, one of which is the right one, the one he finally chose.

The participating audience will have to decide at this point what they would do if they were the Winemaker, ie if they were in the position of the Winemaker. The winners of the game, as well as the Winemakers of Northern Greece who will participate in the event, after a draw, will receive a box of 6 bottles of wine.
Participation in the event is free and open to the public. Those interested in registering will be sent by the WSPC the email address from where they will attend and take part in the event.

For more information and participation statements you can go to https://wspc.gr/.