Kargakis Cheese: the taste of the Cretan tradition

16 April 2021

The Company “Kargakis Cheese“, is a genuine exponent of the Cretan tradition in the production of cheese products, combining the traditional way of production with modern machinery and excellent hygiene conditions. The story of the family begins with the grandfather, who with a small family unit, made cheese of the excellent quality milk that he produced. It is evolving from generation to generation and in 1991 it creates modern facilities, managing to combine the high quality of the region’s milk, many years of experience, know-how and love of cheese-making, producing products of superior quality.

Following excellent processing and control procedures, the traditional Company “Kargakis Cheese” provides the consumer with a final product free from the pathogens of milk, but with all its valuable ingredients unchanged, so that the final consumer enjoys the products giving his body the health and wellness he deserves every day!

Manousos Kargakis, one of the managers of the company, a graduate of the Dairy School of Ioannina, in 2008 created new ice cream and yogurt facilities in Panassos, thus increasing the production of the long-time favorite Kargakis ice cream with 100% authentic raw materials. In 2009 the company moved to new facilities in Anopoli. There, the authentic raw material is collected from the wider area, which due to the rare flora and aromatic plants of the area of ​​Psiloritis and the adjacent mountains produce milk with rich aromas and high nutritional value.

The company produces cheese products such as graviera, kefalotyri, sour mizithra, cretan goat cheese, anthotiro, yogurt, ice cream and in all stages implements the certified food safety management system ISO 22000.