Rise in food e-markets

12 April 2021

An increase in e-food markets is demonstrated by a survey by the Consumer Goods Research Institute (IELKA).

The IELKA consumer survey records that the public that buys food and general supermarket items online has now reached 25%, compared to a very low percentage of 1-2% in 2019. Also, 4 out of 10 internet users now order food online -delivery, which has exceeded a total market of 500 million euros in 2020. E-sales have exceeded 100 million euros in 2020, more than doubling their purchasing power compared to 46.7 million euros. in 2019.

According to the research, the main reason for the growth of online shopping is 40% coronavirus security, followed by the ease of shopping at 38%, the speed of shopping at 23% and the search for offers at 22%. Meanwhile, the results showed that one in four consumers has no idea about the benefits of e-shopping, which is an indication of even greater opportunities for market growth.

Among loyal consumers of e-shopping, however, an important finding is that although e-shopping has increased due to the pandemic, convenience (71%) and speed (63%) are the main reasons for maintaining this shopping habit.

Finally, the loyalty of online stores reaches 66% when there is a physical store of the company, which shows the importance that consumers give to the reliability of the physical store. In fact, only 11% would choose an online store without a physical point of sale. This is an important feature of the food market that is not easily found in other markets. It is also noteworthy that in the second place of choice of point of purchase is with a percentage of 21% the use of electronic platform with many grocery stores, such as e-food and box. This new shopping model, which appeared on the market just last spring, has already gained significant ground.

The factors with which users choose to make their purchases

Free shipping 73%.
Quality of fresh products 71%
Delivery speed 69%
Product price 69%
Ease of use site / mobile app 69%.
Collection from the store 38%
Order tracking, 43%