ASKADA: target for exports to Asia within the year

6 April 2021

The ASKADA of Evangelia Mytala and Stathis Miliotis, which is active in the production, standardisation, and processing of dried organic figs, aims to enter the Asian market by 2021.

In 2020 the company opened its markets to Japan, Hong Kong and Finland, reaching a total of 12 exporting countries.”Our source of inspiration, the passion for the excellent fig Kymi PDO, with its unique characteristics and the exciting process to create the ascada fig” said in their participation in the digital exhibition The Delifair and apparently remain committed to producing fine organic dried figs, and offer excellent products that combine inspiration and culinary culture around the world.

The company, in 2020, released two fig bars, while, for 2021, it plans to renew its portfolio, launching new products in the category of sauces and jams without sugar, but also upgrading the packaging of existing ones.
However, apart from the development in new target markets, the company is already in the process of building a new printing house and packaging plant in Kimi, which will be accessible to the consumer public and is expected to double production.