Spectacular increase of 13.8% of Cretan exports – Olive oil is the protagonist

5 April 2021

Cretan exports recorded a positive sign in 2020, after the processing of the data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority by the Association of Exporters of Crete, for the first time after 2015.

The total exports of the Region of Crete reached the amount of 463.2 million euros compared to 406.9 million euros in the corresponding period last year, showing an increase of 13.8% in value and 9.2% in quantity. It is worth noting that this measurement does not include the export activity “Passenger ships, cruise ships, ferries, cargo ships, barges and the like”, worth 70.8 million euros, with which the exports of Crete reach 534 million and the increase is 31.2%. It should also be noted that in 2015, which was a record year, Cretan exports had reached 486 million euros.

The protagonist in Cretan exports for another year is olive oil, which stands at 147.5 million euros, showing an increase of 24.2%, followed by 47.8 million euros with an increase of 2.8% and Fruit at 22.3 million. euros and an increase of 20.5%. Smaller percentages are occupied by Fish & Seafood, the category of Waters – Soft Drinks – Juices, Dairy, Honey, Wine and Meat & its Preparations.

Regarding the export activity sectors, the food and beverage sector comes first, which constitutes 52.4% of the total Cretan exports with 242.5 million euros, shows an increase equal to 16.6%. It is followed by the sector of Chemicals & Plastics with a share of 28.2% of the total exports of Crete and an increase of 8.4%, the sectors of Agricultural Equipment (share of 6.1% and an increase of 17.4%), of the Textile & Clothing sector. (5.7% and an increase of 23.8%) and with smaller shares the Machines & Appliances, Construction Materials and other industrial products.

In a very difficult business environment, with conditions unprecedented in the world due to the pandemic, Cretan exporters managed to cope and achieved impressive export performance, placing Crete and its products as one of the most dynamic export regions of Greece for 2020.